Share A Glimpse Of Your World

Writing is therapeutic. My mission is to spread acceptance by sharing how incredible this world of ours is. Our emotions are real and valid. Let every feeling radiate through your words. This is what I would love to share, your journey through the power of writing. When we adapt and overcome, nothing can stop us from living a full life.

Acceptance, love and understanding is my mission.

Write for all the parents who don’t know what their future will be like, for all on the spectrum to know they are loved and understood, and for all those wanting to understand our world.

Struggles are a part of life. Overcoming and sharing these struggles are how we help those that come after us. So, in your story of love and positivity please do not leave out the hard parts. Everyone can relate to being vulnerable.

If you are down, we will lift you up. If you are up, help the next one inline.

Are you on the spectrum?

Have you overcome struggles? What advise do you have to share? Do you have advise you would like to give to parents of newly diagnosed children? Do you have a message you want the world to hear?

Do you love someone on the spectrum?

Do you have a story about growing up with someone on the spectrum? Are you a parent/grandparent to someone on the spectrum who has changed your view of the world for the better? Do you have a friend or spouse on the spectrum that you feel incredibly lucky to have in your life?

Are you a teacher or therapist to someone on the spectrum?

Share the joy someone on the spectrum has brought into your life. Do you have a success story watching someone grow with your support? Do you have a story about what it is like to be a teacher in the special needs world?

How To Submit A Story:

  • Create a title for your story.
  • Please keep the word count between 600-1200 words give or take.
  • Please send photos to include in your post (3-4 recommended)
  • Tell me about yourself by including a short bio with your submission.
  • If you would like to remain anonymous that is perfectly fine as well. Please just let me know.
  • If you have a blog, website or social media channel you would like us all to follow please include the links.

Please email your story and photo’s to [email protected]

I will reach out to you if your story has been chosen to share. Thank you and I absolutely can not wait to read your words of love, encouragement, positivity and truth around this beautiful world of ours.

Thank you!

Keri, Frank, Maya and Liam