Our Mission


Our mission is to create a play center geared towards families on the autism spectrum.

Our son Liam is 4 years old diagnosed with level 1 autism. Taking Liam out to a public setting can be challenging and stressful. His sensory and behavior issues can be difficult for others to understand.

Our dream is to create a safe place for children and teens like Liam to get together and make friends in a sensory friendly environment.

It will be open to people of all abilities and ages. A place for those not on the spectrum to educate themselves on autism and make friends joining in the fun!

This will be a no judgement zone.

We hope to grow this play center to include a giant ball pit, a sand room, sensory toys/swings, and SAFE closed in play areas.

We would hope to bring in partners to teach yoga and mindfulness.

To partner with a photographer to get those much needed professional family photo’s.

A place for birthday parties that support the needs specifically to the birthday girl or boy.

Our inclusion play center will also have support groups for parents and be a place to create long lasting friendships! Where kids and adults can connect and learn from one another by chatting at the juice bar and sharing a chicken nugget or 2 at the café!

A place with NO power hand dryers in the bathrooms!

The funds we raise will go toward the goal of making this dream come true.

This is a long term project that you will be contributing the ground work for.

Your support will help so many families come together in a place they know they are accepted, understood and loved by all.

We will be forever grateful for your faith in us to carry this to the finish.

We WILL bring this amazing dream to life with your support.


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