Better Together

When you play you fall You get back up and stand tall I like to think it will not happen again You skip right back and then I watch you trip and scrap that same knee My worry will always keep me from feeling free I see…


I find it so important to understand this part of Liam. To understand that he does not WANT to purposely do the wrong thing. He simply lacks the ability to conform to what we perceive as the correct response.

A reminder to keep love in my heart during our special needs journey.

I made these notes as a reminder to keep love in my heart during our special needs journey. That in the times frustration and anger seem to take over, love and understanding will always win. A reminder that changing my view on the world can leave an even bigger impact when spreading knowledge and acceptance of autism.

A Letter To All Parents

The shaming of how we raise our children needs to stop. If there is one thing raising a special needs child has taught me it is not to judge any aspect of someone trying to survive and fit in this world.

The Unspoken Unseen Disability.

The human mind is incredible. We all have characteristics that contribute to our world in the most beautiful ways. We just need to redirect our disabilities. When seen in a different light, these disabilities are in fact strengths.

Our View on Communication Below is the article we found helpful.

Our Heartfelt Message On Diagnosis