About Me


I look back to the days when Liam was first diagnosed. I was sad, scared, lost and above all else I felt alone and uneducated for what was to come. I began googling to find any videos or pictures of children 2, 3, 4 ,5 and 10 years old with Autism. Anything I could find that would give me some glimmer of hope for our future.

This page is here for all those Moms and Dads that were me. Looking for their future.

Guess what?

Its beautiful!

You will find in you strength you never dreamed you could have. You will find happiness in life you never thought possible looking though your child’s eyes.

This page is also for everyone interested in learning more about autism in general. Maybe you have a family member or friend with a child with autism and you want to educate yourself.

Welcome to Liam’s Adventure!