This Thanksgiving, I Am Thankful For Liam’s Village

You get your diagnosis; your piece of paper and you walk into the unknown.

The one thing the doctors do tell you, out of all the things they do not, is to get services.

In a nutshell, that is all I really needed to hear.

The one thing that stays constant is his teachers, his therapists. His interaction with other kids at school.

Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Special Education, Speech, ABA. You name it. He has it.

I was scared and alone, unsure of the future until the army arrived.

His support system is strong.

There was a point when I thought, I will keep him home with me. I cannot let him face this world without me.

This journey we are on was never meant to be walked alone. It shouldn’t. It cannot be.

What we need is faith in our choices. Faith in the good we put into this world and that our faith will come back to us.

Once I knew my son needed understanding, patience and endless love from everyone he encountered in this world, I knew I needed to put twice as much of what he needed back into this world.

I needed to step up and be the teacher I wanted him to meet on his first day of school.

I needed to be the woman on the street I wanted him to bump into.

I needed to be the friend on the playground.

I needed to be everything he needs, and I needed to be that to everyone that is not him.

Giving is receiving.

I am thankful to have been given this gift.

This gift of needing others. Needing them to be everything I want to be.

Nothing in this world is done alone.

There is a family, a team, a community behind it all.

Today, I am thankful for Liam’s village.

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