When I watched this video back it really hit a cord with me.
It starts off with him using the electronic hand dryer on his own and by choice. Showing that he is capable of overcoming his fears alone.
Then I had taken photos while I was playing with him. You can see how happy he was engaging with me.
Then the videos are when I decided to let him do his own thing. He let lose and was free to be himself. I put it on fast forward to speed it up and show how much he will just run forever.
In doing this it created a beautiful view of his mind. In a way, I feel putting the videos on fast forward gave us a glimpse of how fast his mind is moving every second of his life.
At the end he had walked me all the way into town.
On the way back, we played his favorite game.
The game we play also shows me how in tune I have become to his level of communication with me. This game has no rules, but we don’t need any 🌸