We mold to our children’s needs. Which mold are you? Whichever one you are. Its right!

I came across an article that described 4 styles of parenting. Authoritarian, Authoritative, Permissive and Uninvolved. In these styles were listed 4 categories.  Helicopter parent, Free-Range parent, Lawnmower parent and Tiger parent. The article goes on to describe each style and how they can be good or bad.

There is no wrong or right.

The shaming of how we raise our children needs to stop. If there is one thing raising a special needs child has taught me it is not to judge any aspect of someone trying to survive and fit in this world.

I guess you can put me under the helicopter parent category. You see me out on the playground chasing my son. You see me helping him up the stairs, running and scared to catch him on the other side of wherever it led. You see me pick him up when he falls. You see me hoover over him every step of the way. In another’s eyes I should let him fall. I should let him try alone. I should sit back and let him discover the world.

This I cannot do.

He does not know danger. He will fall and not learn from it. He would be covered in bruises and broken bones. He is in Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy to help him play on the playground safely.

From a distance, you can’t see his disability.

From your bench you can not see all the progress he has made.

I do not judge the parents on the bench. Their child is capable of discovering the world on their own and that is incredible! The skills they will learn tackling that slide alone will give them confidence. When they fall, get up and brush it off they will learn to never give up.  These are things to cherish. I envy that parent on the bench for that reason.

I will teach my son confidence and to never give up in other ways.

My parenting style is different from you because my son needs it to be different. Every child learns and develops in their own way. We all are learning and adapting to parent on the level our child needs us.

You are not wrong.

We beat ourselves up enough through life. The joys of parenting should not be one to doubt ourselves.

Whichever parent you are, embrace it. Know you are right and watch your child thrive with confidence.

Your child needs you exactly the way you are.

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