The Unspoken Unseen Disability.

We all have one. Whether we mask it or use it to our advantage is up to us.

The human mind is incredible. We all have characteristics that contribute to our world in the most beautiful ways. We just need to redirect our disabilities. When seen in a different light, these disabilities are in fact strengths.

As a child growing up I was quiet. I was quiet with anxiety that was growing everyday. The more I hid from my anxiety the worse it got. I could not understand why in social settings I could not speak up. I was too nervous to try and speak the words I was thinking. They never seemed to come out right. This in turn, led to me thinking and not speaking. Observing. Listening. Thinking.

My anxiety can be debilitating.  

I could stop here. I could sit and bask in my disability OR I could build on it. I could take what I CAN do and use it. I can take from all the strength I have built while dealing with what I could not.

My anxiety has given me the ability to think deeply. To really truly observe the world around me and all it has to offer. I am able to listen intently and really marinate on what is said to me.

Writing. Words may never come out of my mouth the way I wish they would but I can write. I can write what I so desperately want to say.

Building upon our disadvantage in this world can and will lead to such beautiful advantages.

What we can not do will unmask what we can do.



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Hi there, welcome to Our World On The Spectrum!

Our son Liam is diagnosed with Level 1 Autism.

We are sharing life on the Spectrum. Our goal is to spread Awareness, Love and Acceptance.

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