DIY Boys Haircut

This haircut has been a few years in the making. Liam is officially a pro at sitting to get it done. Daddy has mastered the cut!

You will need Wahl clippers from Christmas tree shop, .5, 1 and 1.5 attatchments, Norelco One Blade, a comb, scissors.

“I make a line were the really short part is going to be, you work from bottom to top, do a layer of .5 (the green attachment)and then a smaller layer using the 1 up to the long hairline. Use the .5 extended all the way out to blend the layers in. Style the hair as you normally would and then just trim down the excess so it looks neat. I didnt have to trim much off the top because I did the time before. Remember the length on top usually isnt uniform. I used a Norelco one blade to do the edging because it is safe and makes less noise. The Norelco also comes with attachments and hypothetically you could do the whole head with it if noise is an issue. The hard part is usually done with a straight razor so I had to make it work with the buzzer. Then just go over any loose hairs that you have at the end and that’s about it.”


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