Mornings. Routine runs our mornings.

Routine runs our mornings. One of Liam’s cars always comes for the ride. Liam holds the car up and it rides on the road with us. We say “beep beep, get out of the way” when we hit traffic at the same light everyday. We get to school and we park in the same area. I hold up a red, orange or green tube of mini M&M’s. He picks a color. I get out and take him out of the car. I put on his backpack and ask him how many? He tells me 14 and I pour a small handful. He eats them and then we walk up to the school. I say goodbye. He puts his car in the side pocket of his backpack and his teacher takes his hand.

This routine has been 7 months in the making. My mornings used to be a bit different…

Liam used to cry on the way to school if he got to a section of the road he couldn’t remember. We used to get to school and I would pull into any available spot. He would cry. I opened the door to take him out of the car and he would climb into the car and look under the seats for any cars that might be there or try to climb in the front. He would scream when I took him out. We would walk to the school and sometimes he would throw himself on the ground and I would have to carry him in. One time he was kicking so hard I couldn’t get him up. His teacher came and saved me that day in the parking lot….

We have since mastered the morning routine. Liam picks pieces of things that happen during our mornings that he likes and he will add to that routine. If I don’t pick up on what was new he will get upset. So I am always on the look out for what happened the day before.

This is how we grow together. The patience, attention and understanding is how we get through our days. We connect to each other without words.

Liam has taught me to pay attention, to be selfless to my needs when I am with others. Even though words aren’t spoken there is so much being said in everything we do.


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