Cousins. The unspoken bond.

My heart is so full looking at these photos. This is Liam with his cousin Aubrey. Aubrey and Liam have a very special bond. They have an unspoken understanding of each other.

Aubrey knows when she visits with Liam that he is not going to run off and play with her in the conventional way, though she gets just as excited nonetheless. When they see each other they smile, laugh and then Liam takes off running.

Liam parallel plays. He will play next to other children. Occasionally he will play with them when encouraged to with support.

Aubrey is very aware of how Liam plays. She will follow him and get amusement on laughing at something he might do. She will ask me if Liam wants to do a certain activity knowing I can help make it happen. She has this beautiful way of completely understanding him and loving every chance she has to engage him.

In these photo’s they are parallel playing.

Alone together.

In one photo they are playing side by side. The second photo is the one that pulls on my heart strings.

Liam sat down to draw again and Aubrey came and sat in front of him. She put her feet up against his and started to draw with him. This is how she was able to be close with him, to touch him but not, to bring him into her space without disrupting his.

At such a young age, she just gets it.



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